This was one of seven questions that our Aesthetics & Idea’s class has been asked to think about and answer.

I love the answers they came up with.

  • Art is an Alternative way of thinking.
  • Art evokes a response.
  • Art confuses.
  • Art engages.
  • Art is a way for an person to express or share an experience.
  • Art creates Wonder.
  • Art creates surprise.
  • Art makes you think.
  • Art translates (this one might be my favorite).
  • Art makes you feel.
  • Art moves people, in all the ways movement can look.
  • Art inspires others towards a subject or an act.
  • Art creates intrigue, to force us to deal with ambiguity.
  • Art is an invitation to imagine.
  • Art allows for unique experience.

In case you are interested the other questions the students have been chewing on were:

What is Art?  Who is art made for?   Is art more or less relevant then it was 500, 50, 5 years ago?  How does our society categorize art? What is creativity and who is creative? In what ways does our society influence the way we look at, value, and engage with art?


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