I think I’m going to approach these regular blog posts  through the lens of “things I’m grateful for”.  We’ll see how that goes. After two days of class I’m grateful for:

  1. Finally being under way.  I love and hate the build up to the first day.  I love thinking about new things I want to try in the studio, students new and old, side projects I want to tackle, revisiting my educational philosophies….. My mind really never stops and more and more ideas keep filling in, piling on until I can’t think clearly, my sleep habits get interrupted, I begin to get antsy about all I want to accomplish until finally….. We begin.  The fist bell on the first day is like a giant gasp of fresh air after spending several minutes below the surface of lake water.  Once we begin we’re in it.  Finally an end to the speculation, the figuring, the planning…. it’s finally time to Do; however ready I may or may not be. It’s refreshing to finally just get on with it!
  2. Our new hire in the department: Karrie Mitschmyer.  I’ve been a fan of hers for eight or nine years now and I am so excited to know she’s teaching right next door to me now. She’s versatile, engaging, artistically and pedagogically talented. She is going to make ConVal an even better place then it already is.  She’s going to make me a better teacher.
  3. Aesthetics & Ideas 3.0. I know it’s only been two days and there are lots of days left in the semester but having the chance to team-teach this class on creative practice and process with my colleague and friend Jason Lambert is a gift that I’m thankful for every day we’re in the classroom together.  Jason too, makes me a better teacher. I’m putting a lot of stock into the old saying “third time’s a charm”. There’s already a lot that feels great about this group of students.
  4. Another opportunity to spend a year with my son Caleb in the school I’m teaching at. He’s a super 16 year old beginning his Junior year at ConVal and I know I’m going to look back on the years we were able to spend in the same building with fond memories.  I really dig his company and I know how precious these few years are.

It’s going to be a great year!


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